Table of Contents

We the Gamers: How Games Teach Ethics & Civics


Part I. Teaching Ethics and Civics
Chapter 1: We the People
Chapter 2: Why Should We Teach Ethics and Civics?
Chapter 3: What Should We Teach?

Part II. Using Games for Knowledge and Action
Chapter 4: What is the Knowledge We Need?
Chapter 5: How Do We Take Real-World Action?

Part III. Using Games for Connection and Community
Chapter 6: How Do We Connect and Communicate?
Chapter 7: How Do We Understand Ourselves and Our Emotions?
Chapter 8: How Do We Cultivate Compassion and Respect for Others?

Part IV. Using Games for Critical Thinking and Inquiry
Chapter 9: How Do Make and Reflect on Decisions?
Chapter 10: How Do We Read and Evaluate Information?
Chapter 11: How Do We Analyze Problems and Systems?
Chapter 12: How Do We Explore and Design?

Part V. Games for Ethics and Civics
Chapter 13: Guidelines, Questions, and Considerations
Chapter 14: We the Gamers

Appendix I. Example Lesson Outline 1
Appendix II. Example Lesson Outline 2
Appendix III. Design Toolkit
Appendix IV. Design Principles
Appendix V. Recommendations and Open Questions


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