Reviews for We the Gamers

We the Gamers breathes new life into civics education. It shows us how games can be used to help us make good choices as proactive participants in social life and society—choices that lead to human flourishing, not harm.” — James Gee, Arizona State University

“Now more than ever we realize the need to implement equitable and creative solutions that will evolve and sustain our democratic institutions. Karen Schrier clearly lays out how games provide a practice field for the skills we desperately seek in civic participants young and old: empathy, problem-solving, community building, and critical thinking.” — Amber Coleman-Mortley, Director of Social Engagement at iCivics

“Games have tremendous potential for learning civic engagement and ethics, and Karen Schrier offers a wealth of insight and detail on how to use them well. Her scholarly rigor and savviness about actual games make We the Gamers an excellent guide to this topic.” — Peter Levine, Tisch College of Civic Life, Tufts University

“The value of her analysis here goes well beyond games designed to teach ethical and civic engagement and would be of value to almost anyone who designs or uses games for learning or analytical purposes….Overall, this is a very readable, yet deeply thoughtful, book on the design and use of serious games. I recommend it highly.” — Rex Brynen, McGill University – Read the full review here.

“For educators who want to explore the power of games in the classroom, this one is a must-read.” — iThrive GamesRead the full review here.

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