Want to learn more about WE THE GAMERS? Check out these articles and podcasts. Or, find out about upcoming or past events.


Washington Post: “Can Video Games Make People More Empathetic? Maybe” (Cites WE THE GAMERS)

Edutopia: “How Games Can Have a Powerful Impact on Learning” (Interview with me about WE THE GAMERS, Article by Matthew Farber)

Wired: Article about Identity and Games (Quotations by me and mention of WE THE GAMERS, Article by Jay Deitcher)

The Conversation: 5 Digital Games that Teach Civics Through Play (Article by Kat Schrier)

Fast Company: How Fortnite, Minecraft, and other games teach you how to problem solve (Article by Kat Schrier, reprint of The Conversation article)

iThrive Games: Game-Based Learning Reads: Three Books That Will Make You a GBL Believer

Page 99 Test: An article about page 99 of WE THE GAMERS (Article by Kat Schrier)

Podcast/Video Interviews

Declarations Podcast (Oxford U) (Interview with Kat Schrier and Florent Maurin of The Pixel Hunt by host Maryam Tanwir and panelist Alice Horrell @DeclarationsPod)

Marist Poll Podcast (Interview with Kat Schrier by Lee Miringoff, Barbara Carvalho, and Jake DeDapper of the Marist Poll) (@MaristPoll)

Examining Ethics (Interview with Kat Schrier by Christiane Wisehart, The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University for the Examining Ethics podcast (@ExaminingEthics @DePauwPrindle)

Let’s K-12 Better (Interview with Kat Schrier by Amber Coleman-Mortley (@MomOfAllCapes))

Game Studies Review (Interview with Kat Schrier by Alex Layne)

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders (Interview with Kat Schrier by Scott J. Allen)

Ethics & Video Games (Interview with Kat Schrier by Shlomo Sher and Andy Ashcraft

Interview on Argentian Radio Show, “Todo Por La Tarde” (Interview with Kat Schrier by Fernando Lerner – note that the interview is in Spanish)

Robots & Pencils Talk on Games & Learning (Talk by Kat Schrier and Interview with Dave Landis)

Other Related Talks

WIGI Panel WIGI (Woman in Gaming International) panel discussion on Gaming and Social Impact. Livestreamed on Twitch.

VR Games to Support Empathy and Compassion in Nigeria (Roundtable discussion at Games for Change)

Games for Change Book Corner with Kat Schrier and Matt Farber (Quick video on Kat Schrier’s book We the Gamers and Matt Farber’s book Gaming SEL)

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