About the Book

We the Gamers

How Games Teach Ethics and Civics

The world is in crisis.

The people of the world are all connected, and rely on one another to make ethical decisions and to solve civic problems together. Ethics and civics have always mattered, but it is becoming more evident how much they matter. Teaching ethics and civics is essential to our future.

This book argues that games can encourage the practice of ethics and civics. They can help people to connect, deliberate, reflect, and flourish. They can help people to reimagine systems and solve problems.

Games are communities and public spheres. Like all communities, they may encourage care, connection, and respect. They may also be used for hate, disinformation, and exclusion. Games reveal humanity’s compassion as well as its cruelty. 

We the Gamers provides research-based perspectives related to why and how people should play, make, and use games in ethics, civics, character, and social studies education. The book also shows how people are already engaging in ethics and civics through games. It systematically evaluates how to use games in classrooms, remote learning environments, and other educational settings, with consideration to different audiences and standards.

This book also provides tips and guidelines, as well as resources, activities, and case studies. It includes examples of all different types of games—virtual reality, mobile, computer, and card games, and big-budget commercial games, indie games, and more.

How can we play and design a new world, together?

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